First off, when you or your photographer take a bad photo, it's not the end of the world.




Let me explain.


The above photo was not one of my best days, but the pose was AWESOME. Sometimes you will be presented with challenges in your photography journey. In this case, I had to shoot during a church service in the dark with no flash.


Why no flash?


I believe that when dancers dance, flash photography is a distraction. I will not be responsible for someone being blinded and falling down, or even worse, falling off a stage.


Now I know some may say there's too much contrast, it's overly smooth, and some detail is missing, but the pose is AWESOME. This photo was originally in color and looked disastrous. Well, it wasn't THAT bad, but it wasn't giving what I wanted it to give. In any case, I decided to make it a black and white photo, and it changed the whole mood of the image. The instructor on our right, looking to her right, gave a different feel when the image was converted to black and white.


And there it was.


The giving that I wanted it to give was given. Emotion was created. A story was being told. The process of simply converting a photo from color to black and white saved this image. I admit there are things I could have done differently; for example, leaving the noise from the high ISO (3200) would have possibly given a newspaper editorial look. Maybe choosing a different black and white preset or using a camera that handles low-light situations better, but all of that is after the fact. You live and you learn.


This was my last-ditch effort to save an image.