Finding inspiration for photography is literally a walk in the park. For example, in the photo above, this young lady wasn't my client on that cloudy day in April. Actually, I was doing a photoshoot for my wife's birthday. Anyway, there's this lady sitting on a swing bench reading a book, and a thought popped into my head. That would make a great photo.


I looked at my wife and said, "You think she would let me take her picture?" My wife told me to go ask, but I had this fear of coming off as "the park pervert." Could you imagine how that conversation would go? "I was in the botanical gardens, minding my business, reading a book, when a guy walked up to me, asking to take my picture. Pervert alert!"

Fortunately, it didn't go that way. My wife asked, and she said yes. (I chickened


Now for the inspiration part.


In this photo, the inspiration was in how peaceful she looked on that swing bench as we walked by. Yeah, it was hard to ask if we could invade her space, and it was even harder to ask if we could disrupt her peace, but it was the natural hair, glasses, nose ring, and what appeared to be an African Queen on her ear rings.


It was the backdrop of a barren forest with dead leaves on the ground. It was the thin branch that leaned over her left shoulder and appeared to be reading along. It was the grocery bag with the Whole Foods logo on the side, which suggested she watched what she ate. It was my wife who encouraged me to take the photo in the first place.


See what I mean?


Finding the inspiration to make a great photograph is literally a walk in the park.