How to prepare for your session

What do I wear?

-Bring clothes that reflect the type of look you want to achieve. Bring clothes that best represent you professionally.

-Keep it simple. Plain colors, black, gray, or white tops always look great. We want to keep the focus on your expression.

-Jewelry - sometimes it's fine, other times it can be distracting. It depends on the look you're going for.  Ultimately, it's up to you!

-Group / family portrait sessions. Keep your clothing simple and coordinate.

Tip... Lay out all the clothing onto a bed. Socks, stockings – everything should be included…shoes, too! Then, take a careful look at the collection. If your eye goes to any one item in particular, you can be certain that the same thing will happen in a photograph. That item should be changed. Clothing should not be too tight or too loose.

What about makeup?

-It's important to get your skin looking healthy before the shoot, I'd recommend putting on a good moisturizer before coming in.

-Try to keep the makeup looking as natural as possible, again that's based on what look you're    going for.

-Also, keep in mind that any blemishes that pop up on the day can be easily retouched in photoshop.

How and when are the images delivered?

-Images can be delivered  via usb (additional cost) or downloaded from the Funky Face Photography website.  

What's my shooting style? I shoot horizontally (mostly).

-I prefer the horizontal headshot for a couple of reasons. First, like most headshot photographers, I was inspired by Peter Hurly. Second, our eyes see horizontally first, and it brings the focus in on the face far better than a vertical shot.  But...When wearing a suit, vertical photos do tend to look better.


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